by Tyronne | Posted on Tuesday, September 30th, 2014

1st Points Agg (Children Junios) Ethan Dyer

Saturday 9th August last saw the traditional Families Competition organised by MEDSAC from the Detached Mole.

The event was very well attended with a total of 43 persons departing the Coaling Island at 8.30 am ferried across Admiralty waters towards the Detached Mole.

The competition aimed at the children (11) and spouses /girlfriends (26) of the club members whom enjoyed a highly competitive day with many different species of fish landed.

The weather was ideal for the occasion with no wind during the morning and bright sunshine throughout.

1st Points Agg (Children Juniors) Skla Gonzalez

The usual club catch and release procedure was used with the only exception being that no minimum sizes for species were applicable.  The predominant species caught were the Bouge although Wrasse and Breams and Combers were also in good numbers.  Some of which were above minimum sizes but nevertheless released to fight another day. Competitions were set in 4 categories with each having their different winners.

The Heaviest Fish winners were Kaylan Marin with a 910 grams Grey Mullet in the Children to 11 years category and Maria Luisa Dalli with a 430 gram White Bream in the Wives/Girlfriends category.

1st Points Agg (GiurlfriendWives) Deborah Dalli


The Points Aggregate top 3 in each category

Children (to 11 years)

Ethan Dyer                          345 pts

Kaylan Marin                      250 pts

Diamond Dalli                    216 pts

Children (12 to 16 years)

Kyra Gonzalez                   508 pts

Syla Gonzalez                    328 pts

Nathan Olivero                266 pts

Juniors Over 18

Annabelle Muscatt          229 pts

Natasha Hernandez        157 pts

Nathan Dellipiani              77 pts

Wives / Girlfriends

Deborah Dalli                     382 pts

Natalie Dalli                        311 pts

Chantelle Slater                191 Pts