by Tyronne | Posted on Sunday, July 14th, 2013

Bermuda Island Games 2013


Gibraltar could not have started the Bermuda Games any better, claiming their first gold in the first event held at the games.

Day 1 202

The Gibraltar Triathlon team took to the starting line early this morning at 0730hrs with a total of 44 athletes competing at this event.  Both at individual and team event, the team event was to be determined by the fastest 3 overall timings of each team.

It was a very tough race from start to finish where not only the heat but the humidity was to punish all the athletes taking part.

Chris Walker was the first Gibraltarian out of the sea in 4th place, the position he would keep till the end of the race, with a time of 2:03.36 just 3 minutes and 32 seconds behind the eventual winner Torquil Clyde from Orkney.

Day 1 110

Richard Muscat was in next in a time of 2:07.29 and a 7th overall placing, with Mark Francis the third to the finish line  2:09.49 for a total combined time of 6:20.55 and gold medal.  Orkney 6:22.26 and Isle of Man 6:29.24 were 2nd and 3rd respectively.

Day 1 131

The only sad note of the race was for Andrew Gordon who was having a good race and was the 2nd Gibraltarian out of the sea had to abandon the race due to a puncture during the first run through the cycle course.

Day 1 157

Nonetheless a great performance by the whole team who braved the course in the hot and humid weather of bermuda.

Race Results

Placing     Swim          Cycle       Run         Total       T1         T2

Chris Walker               4th     20.56     1:01.03     40.44     2:03.36     0.18     0.28

Richard Muscat         7th     23.59     1:02.03     40.46    2:07.29    0.21     0.18

Mark Francis             11th     23.53     1:03.11     41.44     2:09.49     0.30    0.29

Edgar Harper            22nd    25.11     1:02.44     45.10    2:14.10     0.34     0.29

Sigurd Haveland     26th     22.15     1:04.04     47.05    2:16.58    1.06     0.44

Robert Matto           32nd    22.55     1:05.00     47.47    2:16.58     0.27    0.32

Mark Garcia             34th     25.14      1:04.24     49.10     2:20.19     0.55    0.34

Derek Barbara       40th      24.05     1:07.03     1:10.32  2:43.07    0.36   0.50