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Road Racing

GAAA Half Marathon – 2013


Kelvin Gomez with a very creditable 1:11.08 won his 3rd Half Marathon on the trot and what was more important he dropped his previous times considerably, but no less was Allison Edwards 1:23.10 in her 2nd local Half Marathon.  Both athletes reduced their times by 2 and 3 minutes respectively.

A field of 52 athletes took the starting flag for this year’s GAAA Half Marathon race held on Sunday 24th March last starting at the Victoria Stadium with 3 circuits on the track before going onto the road via a Bayside Road exit.  Runners went on southbound along Line Wall Road towards Cumberland Buildings returning via Queensway and so repeating the course 3 times followed by a final lap to the circuit completing the race by the 100m finish line.

A field of 52 athletes took the flag of the Victoria Stadium for this year’s GAAA Half Marathon flagged away precisely at 10.00am.  It was evident Kelvin Gomez, was the man to beat and all eyes were focussed on the recent ‘Top of the Rock’ race winner Marcus O’Toole.

Kelvin got off to a quick start coming out of the Stadium on his own approximately a 100m ahead of his immediate followers, a pack of 5 athletes that included Allison Edwards.  Various other packs followed behind, most of these athletes running their own races.

Meanwhile Kelvin was gradually increasing his lead and by the end of the first lap of the course he had already acquired over a 5 minutes lead and was practically unassailable by his immediate pursuers.

The main struggle was really in the leading pack where Allison was challenging her male rivals for the runners-up spot.  But the final lap she was unable to keep her rivals pace making the wise decision of running her own race, and indeed she did, finishing the race in 5th place and still with plenty of energy left in her.

Also in the final lap Marcus O’Toole had already left the pack and was running on his own for runners-up spot, over 10 minutes behind Kelvin Gomez.

Robert Matto and Michael Neish had their own skirmish for 3rd with the former hitting the finish 18 seconds ahead.

Worthy of mention is the performance of Trudy McGiffen who finished the race in 1:30.57.


Top 15


Kelvin Gomez               1:11.08

Marcus O’Toole           1:21.49

Robert Matto               1:22.32

Michael Neish              1:22.50

Allison Edwards           1:23.48

Declan Teague  1:24.26

Andrew Jones              1:30.12

Martin Thornualdson     1:30.51

Joe Lane                      1:30.52

Trudy McGiffen            1:30.57

Horrace Bossano          1:32.42

Tim Woodman 1:32.42

Stuart Felice                 1:35.44

Ron Caufield                1:37.12

Clayton Busto               1:37.33


Top 3 by Category


Senior Men

Kelvin Gomez               1:11.08

Marcus O’Toole           1:21.49

Tim Woodman 1:32.42

Veteran Men

Robert Matto               1:22.32

Michael Neish              1:22.50

Declan Teague  1:24.06

Veteran Women

Allison Edwards           1:23.48

Trudy McGiffen            1:30.57

Nicole Martinez            1:38.19

Senior Women

Clare Earle                   1:54.59

Donna Streeter 2:04.56

Olivia Hornung 2:39.00