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12th Natwest Gibraltar Triathlon

Oarsman Derek Barbara became the new Gibraltar Triathlon Champion clocking an excellent 31.32 minutes on the clock.

The event was held on Sunday 2nd September last with a participation of 150 athletes, some of which came across from the border.

The course consisted of a 300m swim (WesternBeach), an approx 9km Cycle rave (west side Airdrome) and a 2.5 km Road Run finishing at theVictoriaStadium.

Athletes were divided into various categories apart from the team events.  Of relevant importance was the definition of Practicing Triathletes and Novice Triathletes added to the gender and age categories.

As mentioned Derek Barbara was the overall winner of the event followed by Robert Matto in 2nd place who clocked 31.48.  Jose Luis Sanchez Lago from Spain in a time of 32.13 was 3rd.  He also claimed the Junior category.  Julian Warwick who was 4th overall in 33.04 was 2nd junior with Spanish guest Antonio De La Vega (7th overall) taking 3rd spot in the Junior category.

Mark Chichon who was 5th overall won the Veteran Men’s category clocking 33.22.  He was followed by Martin Thorvaldson (6th overall) clocking 33.24.  Spaniard Jose Agustin Garcia Lois (9th overall) was 3rd veteran in 35.00.

Veteran Clare Caras Altas won the women’s event clocking 38.00 minutes taking an 18th overall placing on the process.

The senior women’s event was won by Karen Zammitt who was 2nd in the women’s category and 24th overall clocking 39.25.  Patricia Risso in 42.00 was 3rd in the women’s event and 32nd overall thus claiming runners up spot in the senior women.

The best junior athlete was Spaniard Carolina Garcia Calleja who was 34th overall and 4th in the women’s competition clocking 42.46.

As mentioned earlier on the men’s competition was divided into two categories Practicing and Novices and these proved very successful as new triathletes could challenge for honours.

Nick Prior who was 12th overall claimed pole position clocking a very creditable 36.01 he was closely followed by veterans Diego de Alba Ramirez (36.02) and Danny Sene (37.26).

The best junior in the novice’s category was Ruben Escarcena Morales who was 23rd overall and 10th in his category.

Top 10 Overall

Derek Barbara 31.32

Robert Matto  31.48

Jose Antonio Sanchez (jnr)     32.13

Julian Warwik 33.04

Mark Chichon 33.22

Martin Thorvaldson    33.24

Antonio De La Vega  33.34

Keith Laguea  33.43

Jose Garcia      35.00

Jose Sanchez (snr)       35.23

Top 3 by Category

Senior Men (Pr)

Derek Barbara 31.32

Robert Matto  31.48

Keith Laguea  33.43

Veteran Men (Pr)

Mark Chichon 33.22

Martin Thorvaldson    33.24

Agustin Garcia            35.00

Junior Men (pr)

Jose Sanchez   32.12

Julian Warwick           33.04

Antonio De La Vega  33.34

Senior Men (Nov)

Nicky Prior      36.01

Piotr Blazewcz            37.13

Manuel Molina            38.06

Vetaran Men (Nov)

Jose Diego De Alba    36.02

Leslie Grech    37.09

Danny Sene     37.26

Junior Men (Nov)

Ruben Escarcena         38.59

Matthew McGinnis     40.44

Senior Women

Karen Zammitt            39.25

Patricia Risso  42.00

Louise Coady  46.29

Veteran Women

Clare Caras Altas        38.00

Dawn McCullough     46.02

Kirsty Neale    46.59

Junior Women

CarolinaGarcia           42.46

Once again Chris walker and his committee produced the goods of a very well organized 2012 Natwest Gibraltar Triathlon.

Incidentally, The Gibraltar Triathlon National Team recently qualified for theIslandgames that will be held in the Caribbean Island of Bermuda.

The Team        Swim   Bike     Run     Total

Chris walker    20.52   58.08   38.18   1:57.18

Sean Randall   21.20   59.56   45.24   2:06.40

Robert Matto  25.47   1:01.40            44.04   2:11.11



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